RWE The Energy Giant Case Studies


First drawings

The Beginning

In december 2008, Happycamper was approached by the production company Fido Film to write a treatment for RWE´s Energy Giant. Of course we jumped straight into this great opportunity to create something unique and beautiful.

The agency and the client really liked our approach and style, so we started the project with Andrés as director and Robert as part of the animation crew at Fido Film.

Above are the first, early drawings of the giant. Originally we thought it would be a cute feature to let the giant have a propeller hat, which he also could use as a windmill, but in the end we discarded the idea.

The giant moodboard

a. Characters

Collage image of the giant

b. Moodboard

The giants main attribute

c. Old oak tree

The emerge of the giant

d. The giant emerges


These are some of the various designs that was presented to the client in order to get a feeling for wich direction they had in mind for the giant. (Image a.).

This sketch was created to get a sense of the scale of the character. The enviroment we placed him in had the right level of details, and later in the process also served as valuable reference for our matte painter.

We wanted to create a character that was a force of nature, so we thought that it was a good idea to let some beautiful oak trees grow from his shoulders. (Image c.).

To present our ideas to the client, we made a styleframe that incorporated all the various elements we wanted to include in the design. (Image d.). This Styleframe includes original arwork by Eric Provan and is used by his permission. Thank you Eric!

The giants different stages

The giants different stages

3d Modeling of the giant

We wanted the giant to be huge and incredibly strong, but never threatening or scary.

We experimented a lot with the shape of the body to convey exactly that. At the same time we were very mindful not to make the character too comical or childish, as the giant has to be a trustworthy spokesperson for RWE.

Above you see the work of Mattias Forström, who developed the giant through the different stages.

The energy giant has arrived

The energy giant has arrived

The Energy Giant

Together with the talented people at Fido Film we reached the final design of the giant. Everybody involved was very proud.

The magic of mr John Wallin.

The magic of mr John Wallin.


We set out to create a magical world surrounding the giant, that still had a touch of reality, rooted in Europe. Thanks to John Wallin for making this happen!

Please check out his website for more of his amazing work.

Sea Turbines and Recultivation Boards

Sea Turbines and Recultivation Boards


We created this previsualization

in the early stages of the project. The different shots was then divided up amongst the animators and the mattepainters started to do their magic. At the same time lighting and simulation research was conducted.

Credit list

RWE team, Essen:

Marketing Director: Sabine Schmittwilken

Marketing Executive: Charlotte Kreft
Media Relations Executive: Annett Urbaczka
Jung von Matt/Elbe team, Hamburg:
Executive Creative Director: Sascha Hanke, Wolf Heumann
Creative Directors: Jens Pfau, Tobias Grimm
Copywriter: Tobias Grimm, Rene Lamberti
Art Direction: Jens Pfau
Chief Consultant: Carl-Christian Berge
Consultant: Guido Kirschner
Head of Planning: Karen Heumann
Planning Executive: Achim Rietze
Film Producer: Julia Cramer

White Horse Music team, Hamburg:
Composers: Gerrit Winterstein (Head Composer), Klaas Nocken
Music Title: I Love the Mountains
Artist: Houaida (an up-and-coming German star)

FIDO team, Stockholm:
Producers: Claes Dietmann, Thomas Deutschmann
Line Producer: Anders Singstedt
Director: Andrés Rosas Hott
Creative Director: Kaj Steveman
VFX Supervisor: Cameron Scott
Concept Sketch Designers: Joel Sundberg, John Wallin
Matte Painting Artists: John Wallin, Svante Fjaestad, Mikael Widegren
3-D Modelling: Mattias Forsström, Magnus Ericsson, Joakim Eriksson, Markus Sterner, Martin Johansson
Animators: Cameron Scott, Staffan Linder, Kristian Ström, Rikard Engqvist, Robert Karlsson, Joakim Eriksson
Lighting/Rendering Technicians: Peter Aversten, Mattias Forsström, Frederik Brännbacka, Joakim Eriksson, Marcus Sterner, Martin Johansson, Anders Nyman, Johan Gabrielsson
Technical Animators: Timmy Lundin, Björn Rydahl, Frederik Limsäter, Anders Nyman, Cameron Scott, Frederik Brännbacka
Ocean Systems Technicians: Björn Rydahl, Frederik Limsäter
Compositing Technicians: Daniel Norlund, Martin Borell, Mattias Alvarsson, Andreas Karlsson, Frederik Brännbacka
Systems Operator: Thomas Ericsson
Online Editor: Tomas Näslund


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