IF Försäkringar Case Studies

The Pot

Here you can see the first in a series of three commercials about the IF rat family in the suburbs.

Board for Uneasy Rider

Uneasy rider takes form

The above takes you through the whole process of the film “The Uneasy Rider”, from the very first storyboard to the previsualization and finally the complete spot.

The Beginning

The agency Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm wanted to redesign the concept by modernizing the rats, which was further helped by changing their enviroment from the “scrapyard” to a more suburban area.

Above you see the previous stopmotion design of the father rat, next to the updated CG model.

The father rat

3d modelling

In the design process, we started with the father of the family. Our goal was to make him a bit more humanoid, while still keeping his rat characteristics. He was given longer legs, and we also made some changes to his face to make him more endearing.

The father rat then became the base for the rest of the family.

Facial expression

Facial expression

The Character

To get a feeling for the father we made various facial expression. These one´s were drawn by the art director, Alexander Koreshkov.

One of the rat mother outfits

One of the mothers outfits

The Clothing

The whole family was styled with normal clothing as a reference, but customized to fit their bodies.


The Props

All props were custom designed to be featured in the different films. We wanted everything to fit together and have timeless look, which is why we went for a slightly retro feeling that suited the rats themselves.


The House

The House

The Environment

The road to find the absolutely perfect suburban enviroment was quite a trip. Andrés went around and shot a lot of reference photos from cities and villages that had the right atmosphere. He then combined the best parts for the modellers to work from.

The brief was that the house should feel Scandinavian, whitout being country specific.

Above you can see the various stages of this process.

The shot


The Shot

In order to give the actors something to interact with, and a reference as to what areas to point to or avoid, a blue print of the house was placed on the table.

Credit list

Agency Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm
Art Direction: Fredrik Svalstedt
Copywriter: Henrik Berglöf
Project Leader: Birthe Jörgensen
Project Manager: Marie Nodbrink

Director: Andrés Rosas Hott, Happycamper Motion Design

Storyboard artist: Elias Khasho

The Chimney Pot Kiev team
Art director, animator: Alexander Koreshkov
Executive producer: Roman Bazyuchenko
Managing director: Irina Kolesova
Creative director: Ruslan Ogorodnik
3D artist: Sergey Pogoreliy, Syplenko Denis, Bogdan Oleynik
Senior 3D artist: Levgen Kulieshov
Character animator: Peter Shalkevich
Senior animator: Eugene P. Hutsul

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Technical director: Kostia Rukavitsin
Digital compositor: Roman Onufriychuk
VFX supervisor, lead compositor: Yevgen Skorobogatko

The Chimney Pot Stockholm Team
Project Manager: Henric Larsson
Producer: Björn Stigson
Colorist: Edward Negussie
Flame artist: Peter Törnestam
Sound Supervisor/Mixer: Commercials: Martin Mighetto

Another Production team
Film producer: Camilla Geijers
DOP/ Live Action Director: Eric Broms
Producer: Sarah Grey


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