China Mobile Case Study

Swedish Design Awards 2012

Happycamper is proud to announce that we are nominated to the Swedish Design Awards in the Moving images/Film category.

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The voting takes place between Monday 17 September and runs until Sunday 23 September.

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60 second version.

30 second “Public Service”.

30 second “Transportation”.

Happycamper was awarded this project in August of 2011 and we were very excited to get the opportunity to work with a Chinese agency and client. The idea was to produce three spots, a 60 second and two 30 second variations, for their Wireless City-services.

In mid-november we finished everything and the spots aired on the 1st of December in China.

Our vision was to create a unique world of happiness and warmth by mixing physical miniatures with CG-characters.

Concept Design

We worked out the concept for all the characters with help from talented artist Vaidas Bagonas. The final models were done by Milford.

Concept design for "Business Man"

Concept design for "Warehouse Worker"

"Pregnant Woman"

"Farm Woman"

Final Characters

The displays play a vital part in all the spots. In order to make them blend in with the very analogue feeling, we gave them a clay-ish, handmade look.



The animatic works as an animated sketch for us to show the client pacing and angles. It is very rough when it comes to characters and the animation is only blocked in. Everything to quickly be able to do adjustments.

At Happycamper we prefer to do our own animatic, since it gives us a lot of freedom. It´s a great way to be able to play around with different ideas without it taking up too much time.

The Shoot

In September we went to Bristol, UK for a five day shoot at the Bottle Yard. We filmed all the background plates including houses, trees and all other inanimate stuff. It was awesome to see the talented artists of Codsteaks work on creating all the small props. Almost like being a little kid again.

It was a truly terrific crew to work with and the catering made us never wanting to leave!

Download hi-res versions

China Mobile 60 sec.
China Mobile “Public Service” 30 sec.
China Mobile “Transportation” 30 sec.

Credit list


Director: Andrés Rosas Hott
Director: Robert Rosén


Executive Producer: Daniel Bergmann
Executive Producer: Desmond Loh
Producer: Giles Johnson
Production Assistant: Ni Ding

Ogilvy Beijing

Associate Creative Director: Yun-Sheng Tu
Group Account Director: Li Yu
Associate Creative Director: Gang Ye
Art Director: Jiafeng Wang
Producer: Jing Li


Art Director: Matt Sanders
Project Manager: Renae Cronin
Managing Director: Sue Lipscombe
Art Dir./H.O.C: Paul Drake
Prop/First Aider: Louise Vergette
DoP: Fred Reed
1st Assistant Director: Toby Sherborne
Music & Music publisher: Sharon Chin from Two AM

Milford Film & Animation

Executive Producer: Johan Gustafsson
Production Manager: Martin Widö
VFX Supervisor: John Roxenhed
Model Supervisor: Jonas Moberg
Light Supervisor: Robert Krupa
Animation Lead Artist: Tim Van Hussen
Lighting Lead Artist: Hannes Drossel


Antonio Deiana
Martin Joas
Jonas Forsman
Martin Haglund
Christofer Brandtieng
Onni Pohl


Daniel Axelsson
Daniel Bystedt
Gustav Tell
Kristian Mårtensson
Kenneth Nyman


Daniel Holmgren
Stefan Lagerstam
Simon Rainerson
Damir Filipovic


Gabriel Pettersson
Serena Tripepi


Victor Sanchez
Ilia Negrescul
Jonathan Harris
Marcus Krupa
Fredrik Höglin
Samuel Schulthess

Match Moving:

Sebastian Ekman
Ilia Negrescul

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