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Blue Diamond – Almond Breeze

Happycamper created this spot for the Californian brand Blue Diamond Almond Milk. The production for this almost complete CG spot started in the end of last year and it aired recently in early February.

Live shoot for the delicious almond milk pack took place at Halliford Studios in London.

Swiss did the visual effects consisting of a beautiful mattepainting of an Californian almond orchard and thoughtfully developed clouds to convey the message.

Stink UK produced.

Want to know a bit about how it was done? Take a look at our case study.

Check out a hi-res version on Vimeo:
Blue Diamond – Almond Breeze (Director´s Cut)

China Mobile – Happiness

Happycamper spent the fall of 2011 working on 3 spots for China Mobile. The style is old-school miniatures  meets high-end animation. This was made possible with a mixture of CG and physical models. We developed the concept and directed. Stink produced.

Please take a look at the Case study.

Download hi-res versions

China Mobile 60 sec.
China Mobile “Public Service” 30 sec.
China Mobile “Transportation” 30 sec.


This spot was created for the main energy supplier RWE in Germany and we are very proud of it. Happycamper were asked to create an energy giant to be presented as the spokesperson for RWE, which resulted in this 2 minutes long, complete CGI spot. The production was made by Fido Film.

Click here to download a hires-version of the spot (Right click and “Save link as..”)

Please take a look at the RWE Energy Giant Case study.


The IF Försäkringar commercials are based around a family of rats that play out different scenarios, which represent different types of insurances.

This collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm resulted in 3 spots that were produced in the Ukraine, by The Chimney Pot Kiev.

Click here to download a hires-version of “The Pot” (Right click and “Save link as..”)

Please take a look at the IF försäkringar Case study.

Festis Unbore Anything-Be a Festis

The concept behind “Unbore Anything – Be a Festis” is a call to the consumers to be a part of making the world a bit more fun. It permeates the whole campaign, from design and the labels to the names of the different flavors and the commercials.

Watch the three spots below by clicking the links.

Unbore Relationsships

Unbore Brandpa

Unbore Mornings

Happycamper directed and It´s Showtime produced.

Click to see the 5 min. spot on Vimeo.

TCO – The History of TCO
Happycamper was approached to create a 5-minute informative film for the Swedish union TCO. The logistics was the big challenge to this project and it needed careful planning before shooting all 35 people being connected at one time or another, representing the various professions within the union. The end result is a wonderful mosaic of different people interacting while telling the story of TCO.

Cervera tycker om julen

Happycamper just finished working on this stop-motion extravaganza for Cervera. We´re proud the agency Mikaela & Helena chose us to direct it.

Please take a look at the Cervera Case study.

Sound of Feldman

This is Feldman. He’s the star of Happycamper and we thought it would be in place to release him from his cage and let him roam free. In this little short he does his own version of “Sound of Music”…

Please take a look at the Sound of Feldman Case study.

Click here to download a hires-version of the spot (Right click and “Save link as..”)

Hyresgästföreningen Case Study

This spot was created together with the advertising agency ANRBBDO for the Swedish Union of Tenants, Hyresgästföreningen.

Happycamper was asked to create a timelapse with people building houses out of cardboard boxes to illustrate the 220 000 young people in Sweden that are in need of a home.

Click here to download a hires-version of the spot (Right click and “Save link as..”)

Please take a look at the Hyresgästföreningen Case study.


Happycamper wants to say thanks to all the people we worked with this summer.

Thank you B-reel -Toyota Auris HSD, Rebenga – IKEA, Swiss – Findus, Scholz & Friends Stockholm – NIKE Midnattssloppet and Animatec – Eurodiagnostica .

Representation News

We are very happy to announce that we´re joining forces with Camp David in Sweden. As the information reads on their website they like to work hard as well as play hard, and we´re looking forward to both!

International Representation News

Happycamper is very proud to announce that our representation in the US is from now on handled by Curious Pictures

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International Representation News

We proudly announce that Happycamper is represented by Stink Ltd.